SIP ABACUS & Mental Math Brain Training Program

Using an Accelerated Mental Learning approach, preschool children are trained to observe, recognize and understand number concepts. In this module, children learn the basic skills of abacus manipulation, while also developing visual, auditory and psychomotor skills.

Children begin to develop the basic core foundations of learning and understanding the abacus and mental arithmetic skills. This module involves the successful progression of each child achieving the specified objectives in each level of abacus instruction.
Consists of 6 Levels with Emphasis on:
  • Removing fear of numbers and building confidence in basic math ability
  • Basic principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the abacus
  • Focus on accuracy while improving speed
  • Developing basic visualization skills
  • Developing auditory, concentration and mental processing skills
  • Developing competence in mental integer arithmetic

Building upon the previous foundation levels, young learners continue to develop important application skills with improved speed and accuracy.

Consists of 5 Levels with Emphasis on:
  • Team work and interactive learning with competition
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Developing confidence in performing more complex computations
  • Enhancing auditory, concentration and mental processing skills
  • Developing skills to perform mental computations with decimals

At the grandmaster levels, young students learn to combine and apply all previously learned skills in answering difficult arithmetic questions. Students are encouraged to create and solve complex numerical puzzles without the use of any external tool. This module also allows children to easily focus and think fast in solving challenging and complex mathematical problems.

Watch the video of a child who was trained under the SIP Abacus Program in India demonstrate his amazing mental computation skills:

Benefits for Your Children
The SIP Abacus & Mental Math Brain Training Program offers children the power to:
  • Overcome number phobia
  • Stimulate the left and right brain
  • Improve visual, auditory & kinesthetic coordination
  • Improve concentration, memory, and visualization
  • Develop accuracy and speed in doing mental calculations
  • Build up self-confidence & self-efficacy in Math
  • Maximize their brain potential
The SIP Abacus & Mental Math Brain Training Program is open for licensing to schools, learning centers, and individuals seeking to provide this world-class program to young children.
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From the Experts
Research on Abacus Education
“children perceived three general types of influence by abacus studies: on academic skills and performance, attitudes and motivation, and cognitive abilities.” “…abacus pupils had higher ability, self-concepts and interest for both school mathematics and school calculations.”
-- D. Shwalb, S.Sugie, and C. Yang (2004)
Motivation for Abacus Studies and School Mathematics
Applied Developmental Psychology in Japan, pp. 109-135


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